Head: Grunt (Night Force)

Arms, Torso: Gung Ho (Night Force)

Legs, Waist: Crosshair (Spytroops)

Helmet: Switch Gears (Spytroops)

I made this one back when the lead was flying at Devils Due and death of the month was the hot gimmick. Thus I figured it was about time that Grunt got a bit of body armor. Well that and it looked more modern military to wear a bit of protection instead of a tank top.

Given all the green I was going to use, the Night Force head was the only way to go. The Gung Ho arms and torso really didn't need any work either as it just fit the look I wanted. The legs required a little bit of paint to make it blend in better with the rest of the figure and not say Cross Hair so loudly. I used spray paint on the helmet since I only needed a solid color.

Not a bad update to a classic character. Well at least mine looks better on the front lines than the Hasbro figure. Body armor and helmets, it's not a bad thing Devils Due :)

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