Head, torso, arms, waist, chestplate and weapons: B.A.T. 3.2
Legs: Sneak-Peek V1

Crimson B.A.T Mk II

Fully upgraded version of the original Crimson BAT, which was based heavily on first-generation BAT technology. The Mk II utilizes a modified BAT 3.2 chassis and an upgradeable, next generation command and control processor similar to the one used in the BAT V. 4.

The CB Mk II is used to support direct actions by Crimson Guard troops including breaching, demolitions removal, hunter/killer sweeps and generally acting as cannon fodder to absorb attacks so the CGs can move in with relative ease. This B.A.T is fully capable of operating semi-independently, can more selectively choose targets (including sorting friend from foe) including shooting to disable and capture enemy combatants through non-lethal means.

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