Head: ST Slip Stream
Torso: VvsV Gung Ho
Waist & Legs: ST Destro
Upper Left Arm: ST Gung Ho
Lower Left Arm: ST Overkill
Upper Right Arm: VvsV Wild Bill
Lower Right Arm: ST Flint


Metal Gauntlet hand attachment:
VvsV Coil Crusher hand & an ST Overkill's gun arm end

Chainsaw hand attachment:
JvsC Zartan's chainsaw weapon coupled with another ST Overkill's gun arm end with a piece of scrap weaponry in between

Boomstick: bbi
Whomping Shovel: Buffy line
Rifle Holster: Robin Hood quiver & scrap plastic
Arm Attachment holder: bbi belt with a modified VvsV wrist communicator

I am not much of a game player now-a-days, but I did happen to play "Fist Full of Boomstick" on the Playstation 2 & really enjoyed the way the hero, Ash was therein portrayed..

Having been a fan of Ash since first seeing him in the movie, "Army of Darkness," I had already been wanting to make a figure of him for quite a while. After seeing the official 3 3/4 Ash figure (& being mildly dissapointed by it), I decided I would make my own Ash GI Joe figure & base him off of the video game I had just beaten.

I don't like his left elbow.

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