Head: Chap Mei
Chest: White Out 2000
Arms: Sidetrack 2000
Waist: Dusty 2000
Legs: Dusty 2000

Pistol: Dusty 2000
Helmet: Hollowed out Chap Mei pilot with wire / wire insulation microphone
Rifle: BBI weapon pack
Parachute: Chap Mei

Bio / About:

File Name: Flannigan, Michael P.
Primary Military Specialty: Rotary Wing Aircraft Pilot
Secondary Military Specialty: Infantry

Evac was born in Boston under circumstances that still remain somewhat unknown. His mother was an alleged prostitute who ran a popular underground house providing women and gambling opportunities to some of New England's elite. No known documentation exists as to the identity of Evac's father, and a police investigation into illegal gambling caused his mother to move to Nevada when Evac was six years old. While his mother opened a new 'house' in Nevada, Evac would spend most of his time across the county line in Las Vegas, becoming a popular pet of many of the high rollers in the local casinos. His aptitude for math made him a shrewd calculator of the odds, and on more than one occasion he helped save a gambler's chips with a well-timed hint. His sharp mind helped him complete high school at the age of sixteen and accept an academic scholarship to MIT. Two years into his engineering education, his mother died of a sudden illness. Evac, already thought of as a loner, withdrew further and started drifting from place to place until he unexpectedly decided to join the Army. His aloof demeanor and unwillingness to follow orders almost got him dishonorably discharged on multiple occasions, but his newly found skill at flying helicopters was so advanced that the Army kept finding excuses to give him an additional chance. Originally thought to be too much of a loose cannon for even the G.I. Joe squad, General Hawk changed his mind when he saw Evac's potential as a one-man search and rescue team. Equipped with a specialized Little Bird, Evac earns his code name by zipping in behind enemy lines and pulling out a trapped team member. During off duty times, he generally keeps to himself unless someone is foolish enough to invite him to a game of poker. His withdrawn nature does not seem to apply in the presence of women, and he has become known as somewhat of a ladies man. He has offended multiple team members with his open advances on the females of the unit, and has been disciplined by Duke on more than one occasion.

From General Hawk's Files:

"I don't really know how to take Flannigan. Hauser hates his attitude, and most of the team has learned to just stay away from him. It's hard to tell what side he's on sometimes, but I do know this: When someone finds themselves trapped behind enemy lines with the snakes closing in, there's no one else they'd rather see clipping the treetops than Evac. And there's no one else more able to get in there and get them out."

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