Head: Crosshair
Torso: Dart
Arms: Duke
Waist: CLAWS
Legs: Tunnel Rat

I was never pleased with my original version of Law, which was done using a Dart head and Duke torso, and with a less than accurate color scheme, so recently as I have gotten into a phase of fixing some of my old customs that either needed new coats of paint or simply didn't work, Law became one of the first to get an overhaul. I had seen many people do Law customs with Crosshair's head and knew that was the perfect head, plus it allowed for a removable helmet which my original did not. I then went with a more accurate torso, Dart's, and added a BBI holster to it. On the belt I added a hook to hold the hadcuffs I found, armed him with a flashlight and nightstick, both neccesities of an MP, and lastly gave him a more v.1 accurate color scheme.

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