Head: Tomax v3
Body: Rollbar v1

File Name: Colton, Joseph R.
Birthplace: Springfield, MO
Grade: Brigadier General

Joseph Colton was a 1st Lt. in the Special Forces serving in Vietnam, when he was called back to meet with President Kennedy. The President asked Joseph to personally head up a new, elite Army unit. He commanded the team for several years until military down-sizing eliminated the team.
He was then appointed head of security for a Strategic Defense Initiative weapons project. Cobra targeted this project, and the G.I. Joe team fought against them. So the original G.I. Joe was brought face-to-face with the team bearing his name.
Due to General Hawk being paralyzed, General Colton has once again been put in charge of an elite military unit: G.I. Joe, America's Elite.

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