Head & Torso: TARGAT
Arms, Waist & Legs: Blowtorch v1
SCBA: Hydro Viper
Nitrogen sprayer: Frostbite v9
M-16/M-203 combo: Chief Torpedo
Tool Case: Salvo
Assorted pouches: BBI
Bomb: Solid Snake v2 (Macfarlane)

Check out my E.O.D. - B.A.T. coming soon!

If it should explode, the E.O.D. Vipers can disarm it before it does.

Schooled in the art of explosives by the master, Firefly, the "Boom Boys" have knowledge second to none. They wear a ceramic ablative armor that covers a special suit lined with "inertia gelatin" that will absorb the shockwave of a close range explosion. The suit has a SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus) similar to the types firefighters wear. It also has a built in nitrogen sprayer which is useful for disarming explosive devices.

Training involves disarming just about any type of explosive that Firefly can think up. Training also involves knowing what happens when you make a mistake. The final exam? Disarm one of Firefly's trademark bombs!
These guys get a kick out of jumping on live grenades, just for the thrill!

"If you see me running, try to keep up!"---E.O.D. Viper slogan

"What's disturbing is the fact that their uniforms are a nice blue and gold when issued to them."---Baroness

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