Head: Eel (1993)

Torso: Cyber Viper (1993)

Arms, legs, waist: Cobra Commander (2001)

I was messing around the old parts box one day just wondering what I could put together with parts that seem to stand out so much that they couldn't be used in a custom.

Then it kind of hit me that a B.A.T. could be made with parts that would seem silly on any human custom.

I took a bit of repainting on the Cobra Commander legs but after painting the blue pants black they had that B.A.T. look I was going for. Other than the grenades and pouches the Cyber Viper torso really didn't need much painting. The Eel head though was a tough one until I got the idea to spray paint the head red. Then I decided instead of the large visor I'd paint a line to make the head look more armored and to have a bit of that Cylon look to it.

All the parts looked so nice together as an armored B.A.T. that I decided that it needed a file card no matter how much work it took while the file card maker is down.

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