Head: Snake Eyes
Torso: Sand-Viper
Arms: Sand-Viper/Blackout,Overk ill Cannon modified with Agent Scarlett Crossbow
Waist: Neo-Viper
Legs: Cobra Commander

I never understood why my original Cobra Mortal custom was always so popular. I've always assumed that it was because of the cool bio and drawing, not the figure itself, which honestly was just an excuse to get rid of some t-crotch parts. Even so, several customizers have copied it over the years, of which I am flattered, but I was never happy with the figure myself, so I felt it was time to finally redo it with a figure that was not only as cool as the bio I had written but also resembled the original figure and not just a cheap Neo-Viper/ Cobra Commander hybrid.

I used the Sand Viper torso because it has a organic yet cybernetic feel, made the arm cannon the laser crossbow the original figures’ file card mentions it is armed with (I have looked back over the years since I made my original and wondered "why did I give him both an arm cannon and a crossbow? That makes no sense”. So I combined the two ideas, which I don't feel strays far from the original Cobra Mortal figure by adding an arm cannon. It just embellishes upon the idea of the laser crossbow the character is said to carry), and gave it a paint scheme more identical to the original figure.

A few Photoshop glowing effects have been added to the image represent how I see the character: the glowing laser arrow and laser strings of the crossbow and the glow from the circuits inside his torso that shine out through the Cobra sigil and ports on the torso.

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