Head: Scarlett (VvV)
Upper Arms Scarlett (VvV)both right
Lower Arms Baroness (Single Pack)
Hair, Torso and Legs: Baroness (Single Pack)
Waist Baroness (JvC)

I started working on Dr.Knox when I found out that Hasbro was stopping production on 3 3/4 figures for the Sigma 6 series (GI Joe Extreme all over again if you ask me kiddies). I used the Citadel Dwarf Flesh paint where the Baroness hair did not cover the Scarlet head, and on the hands to give the good doctor a different look.

I thought the Baroness Body armor really lent itself well, but I painted over the cobra logo so it's more embossed in the leather, this could reflect Knox's loyalty, or just her fashion sense. I really liked the Scarlet shoulder armor. Also, the JvC Baroness waist gives her more height (ah I love the tall blondes).

On my first attempt I painted the boots silver, and if anyone can offer a solution to silver and gold paint on rubber like legs and arms I would be grateful.

As I fill up my Bookcase of Terror Diorama, Dr.Knox will be in the lab with the other Doctors (Scalpel, Mindbender and Venom).

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