Head: Electric Eels v2
Torso & Arms: Viper v12
Waist: Tele-Viper v4
Upper Legs: Chief Torpedo
Lower Legs: Snake Eyes v23
Main Parachute, Reserve Parachute, Ruck Sack, Rope, Harness, Rifle Case, Ripcord, Wrist Altimeter: BBI WWII Paratroopers
Helmet with Goggles, Helmet with Night Vision, M-16/M-203, Filter on Air tank: BBI
Rifle, Beach Head v1 (modified)
Knife: Snake Eyes v23

I have been having a hard time coming up with a Cobra HALO trooper, but with the new stuff from BBI, my gear problems were fixed!

Cobra H.A.L.O. Vipers are a group unto themselves.

They are not recruited from any other division of Cobra. Rather, they are recruited from BASE jumpers and full time skydivers who seem to end up on the wrong side of the law.
The recruitment drive is simple. Cobra lawyers wait until a parachutist is arrested, and give them the speech.
"How would you like to have the best gear, jump from the highest altitudes, have a gun, blow stuff up and have us post your bail?" So far, no one has said no.

Training is intense. They are qualified to do not only H.A.L.O. (High Altitude Low Opening) jumps but also H.A.H.O (High Altitude High Opening or Cross-Country) Static Line jumps at low altitudes and B.A.S.E. (Building Antenna Span Earth) jumping for urban combat. They do jumps in all conditions, day, night, high wind, rain, in fact the worse the condition, the more training jumps they will make! They are also trained in ground combat for long-range recon patrols and small teams urban combat.

"These guys will jump out of, off of, into anything, at any height, anytime! Why? To them it's an adrenaline rush with a paycheck!"---Ripcord

"Altitude with Attitude!"---H.A.L.O. Viper motto

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