Head-BAT v13
Body-BAT v12
Tracked platform- Evangelion gun platform
Arms- BAT v13
3rd arm- BAT v13
Internal pack- HEAT Viper v1
Outer pack- Deep Six v2
Remote Control- BBI
Nitrogen sprayer- T.A.R.G.A.T.

One of the newest modifications to the B.A.T. (Battle Android Trooper) is the E.O.D.B.A.T. or Explosive Ordnance Disposal B.A.T.

One of the first-line tools used by the E.O.D. Vipers, who affectionately refer to them as "Boom-Bots", it is a state of the art A.I. with a database on explosives programmed by the master, Firefly, himself. These B.A.T.s can function independently or by remote control from a distance. They are mounted on a low vibration tracked platform that is designed not to set off motion sensors on a bomb. Their optics detect vapors given off by plastic explosives, infrared, and even nuclear radiation. E.O.D.B.A.T.s have three arms with interchangeable equipment. This allows the B.A.T. to spray liquid nitrogen on the package and begin disarming the device a lot quicker than human hands could. Or detonate the device with a flamethrower or grenade launcher. As self-preservation is not something that is programmed into the A.I. these androids are the perfect additions to Cobra's Bomb Squad. They aren't afraid of getting blown up!

"If I don't like the looks of the device, I can remote detonate the E.O.D.B.A.T and take the device with it, heck, after all, it's still just a B.A.T."----E.O.D. Viper

"There are quite a few people who really don't like me. I have an E.O.D.B.A.T open all my mail."---Cobra Commander

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