Motivation: Wanted to have the Oktober Guard
Based on: My imagination and want for a Soviet light vehicle operator
Parts Used:
Head: Backblast Version 1
Chest: Bullhorn
Arms: Windchill Version 1
Middle Piece: Pathfinder Version 1
Upper Legs: Shockwave Version 1
Lower Legs: Heavy Duty Version 1
Accessories: None.

BMP-4B (Badger) Operator
Code Name: Bull
File Name: Stortskiev, Maura D
Place of Birth: Leningrad, Russia
Primary Military Specialty: Armor
Secondary Military Specialty: Maintenance
Rank: E-4 (Soviet Junior Sergeant)

Bull is qualified with most Warsaw Pact small arms to include the AK-47, AKM, AKSU-74, 12.7 mm DShK-EG Electronic Gatling Gun, and the PK 7.62mm Heavy Machine Gun. Bull has had extensive training on all Soviet and Warsaw Pact Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicles including the new BMP-4B (Badger). Bull graduated top of his class at Advanced A.I.F.V. Tactics School.

Bull grew up mean on the streets of Moscow spending most of his adolescent years as a member of one of the largest street gangs in Moscow. While Bull was in these gangs he learned to shoot first and ask questions later. When he joined the Soviet Army at 19 this mentality helped him become one of the best operators in the Armored Infantry Divisions. It was from these ranks that he was hand selected by the Stavka to join Col. Brekhov and the Oktober Guard as the operator for the new BMP-4B (Badger). On the battlefield he operates his Badger like it was a T-72 main battle tank, not a light infantry-fighting vehicle.

Bull's mentality has served him well since joining the Oktober Guard. He will rush his Badger at a column of H.I.S.S. Tanks, neutralize them all, wipe his brow and then realize he shouldn't have been able to do that. Col. Brekhov just shakes his head at Bull's actions and says, "That's why we have him."

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