Head: Bombstrike (moddified) Zarana neck ball
Torso, waist and arms: Lady Jaye V.3
Legs: Lady Jaye V.1
Backpack: Bombstrike(moddified) with assorted javelins

This is my very first custom. So go easy on me...

I wanted a Lady Jaye that looked exactly like her cartoon version. I wanted a figure with no hat and Bombstrike worked perfectly. Using a Zarana neck ball, the head fitted perfectly with the torso. I love how the figure came out. No hat and baggy pants in her Sunbow cartoon colors. I had to make her a backpack filled with various javelins for her to throw. Everything from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and G.I. Joe contributed on that one.

You probably can't tell but lots of detail work went into the knife and gun on her ankles.

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