Head: Heavy Water
Body: T-crotch Wet-Suit (teal version)
Extinguisher rifle: Xyber-9
Hoses: cut from a Star Wars tool
Backpack: misc. Joe
Jaws-of-life and cutting tool: BBI

I found the Heavy Water head in a parts lot and thought first of making an AVAC custom. As I continued to play around with the parts, I found a Wet-Suit body. T-crotch figures are tough to modify so I decided to make the best of what I had. I never had a Barbecue figure as kid and decided to make one for myself now.

The story behind the figure is that after the Joe team was put on hiatus in the mid-90's, Barbecue was hired by NASA to test heat-intensive suits used in re-entry by astronauts. Though the field tests never proved positive for space use, Barbecue requested to continue testing the suit for military use. The Joe team was eventually reactivated, and BBQ brought his new toys with him.

The basis of the suit is to be more light-weight than the current suits worn by fire-fighters. The extinguisher rifle uses cartridges of concentrate that are activated as the trigger is pulled releasing CO2 through the barrel. One small cartridge, about the size of a bottle of insulin, can produce the extinguishing volume of 5 normal canisters.

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