Head: Snake Eyes v14
Torso: Duke v11
Arms: Duke v12
Waist: Recondo v4
Legs: Flint v8
- Rifle: Sand-Viper
- Helmet: Sgt Airborne
- Jet-pack: Funskool General Hawk

As many of my customs show, I have a lot of JvC Dukes and am always looking for ways to use them up. This torso figures prominently in many of my customs and I'm always happy to make a new Cobra out of GI Joe fodder.

The purpose of Deep Operations is to attack the enemy not only physically in his depth - or rear area - but to target elements of his forces that will change the nature of the close battle. Cobra may be strong and technologically sophisticated but it could easily be outgunned by Coalition forces in a direct confrontation. As such, under Overlord's leadership, Cobra has devoted considerable resources to Deep Operations, a Directorate headed up by Lt. General Scimitar. Hence, the Dart*-Viper.

If Drop-Vipers are the pathfinders for Deep Ops, Dart-Vipers are the shimmering spear-head. Not quite as radical as Destro's TARGAT troopers, they perform a similar function and can pack a bigger punch. Working in conjunction with other airborne and airmobile forces, the Dart-Vipers' jet packs allow them to be ground-launched from Cobra's depth, overshoot the battlefield and land in the enemy's rear areas where they can wreak havoc on critical logistics or C2** infrastructure.

Their state-of-the-art suits and impact absorbing leg and foot wear combined with a high degree of training make these expensive teams. This, thankfully, means there aren't entire legions of these "Locusts" as terrified troops have nicknamed them. Like all Deep Ops troops, Dart-Vipers have to be self sufficient to a great degree and skilled in escape and evasion; their attacks have to be lightning raids and they need to either extract quickly or link up with other Cobra elements. Otherwise they're deep in enemy territory and have just stirred up hornets' nest, which could mean a world of hurt in a big hurry!

* Deep Area Raider Team

** Command and Control

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