Head: Black Out
Torso: Roadblock
Arms: Beach Head
Waist: Dart
Legs: Flint
Helmet: Duke modified

Despite what the Christmas pundits will say, Football season is the most wonderful time of the year, and yet you just don't see many customs of one of the most revered characters in Joe lore, so I figured I'd take a stab at him.

I figured I would pass on trying to make him identical to the original figure and instead inject as many football uniform qualities into him as possible. if you are going to have as lame a name as Capt. Grid-Iron you may as well be wearing a football uniform. went with the Roadblock torso and the Beach Head hands for the hand-to-hand combat instructor aspect of the character because the padding on them just have a sparring feel to them. The thigh pads on the Flint legs have a football pant look so they were a given, and I modded the Duke helmet with a paper clip for the face mask. Finally, the face is finished with black paint under the eyes and a breathe right strip across the nose.

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