Upper half and crotch: Spytroops Alley Viper

Legs: Alley Viper v2

Accessories: Alley Viper v2 gun, Spytroops Alley Viper shield, backpack, and mask

The Spytroops Alley Viper has got to be one of the best versions of Alley Viper ever released! There were two flaws this figure had: a bad choice for a gun and having a pair of thin legs that made him less intimidating. Well, I wanted to fix those flaws by replacing the legs with legs similar to the original and wanted to give him the original gun.

I had to find a blue paint that would match the color scheme for the Spytroops Alley Viper, and I found one that definitely works. It's the Liquitex Acrylic Cerulean Blue hue that comes in a tube. After this improved paint job, I feel that this, in my opinion, is now the perfect version of Alley Viper.

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