Whole Figure & Anti-Armor gun: DTC Scrap Iron
M-12/M-203: BBI

Backpack: Custom between Alley Viper v1, BBI WWII ammo crate and tripod from BBI

All weapons can be attached to the backpack!

The Immortal project: Picking the best of the specialty Vipers, and making them better!

S.A.W. Viper Immortal is a status bestowed to a S.A.W. Viper who shows unswerving dedication and loyalty plus a desire to tear it up with the latest and greatest in heavy weapons. As an Immortal, they are given the option of commanding an S.A.W. Viper squad or joining a W.A.S.P. (Cobra SWAT) team. They also have the option of becoming a "test pilot" for all experimental weapons.

Destro had out done himself on producing high caliber weapons that are designed for anti-armor, anti-aircraft and anti-personnel, high caliber & high firing rates, yet light enough to be carried and operated by one person. The S.A.W. Viper Immortal is the outlet for his genius.

"If it walks, drives, floats or flies, I can shred it!"---S.A.W. Viper Immortal

"Once one of these dudes strolls into the fight, we have to pull EVERYTHING back!"---Roadblock

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