Head: Burn Out
Torso: Burn Out
Arms: Spy Troops Ripper
Legs: Spy Troops Ripper
Armor: Plasticard and Milliput
Leg Pouch: Stikfas
Chainsword: chain, BAT sword arm, Stikfas handle
Dalek: cast of pewter Dalek, top chopped off and Kaled mutant added with milliput.

Did a figure of this character a few years back, but was never happy with it. I went through my part box and pulled apart two of my Dreadnok figures to make this one. The chain sword is basically a piece of chain wrapped around the sword arm from a BAT v4. I originally used the chainsaw that came with the JvC Zartan, but it looked a little small, so I made this one.

Character Description: Originally from a comic strip in the old British publication Doctor Who Weekly (before it became a monthly magazine) back in the early eighties. Abslom Daak was found guilty of numerous barbaric crimes and given a choice of sentence: be executed, or Exile DK. This involved becoming a one-man army against the Daleks. Average life expectancy: 30 minutes. He chose Exile DK. As he put it, being vaporized dos not hurt. He now hunts down and exterminates every Dalek he can find.

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