Head: Custom Cast
Torso: ST Zartan
Arms: ST Dart
Waist: btr Barrelroll
Legs: ST Firefly

Upper Vestment: Xyber9 Ikira
Lower Vestment: TRU 6-pack Vypra

Head & backbone: ST Kamakura & the skeleton from the SpyKids multipack

Ice Claws: TRU 6-pack Storm Shadow

Both Chad & Hive Viper have made really cool versions of this Mortal Combat ninja.

Having procured an appropriate head in a custom cast lot from another board member, I thought to incorporate what I learned from those excellent customs with whatever design I could come up with.

With the reader's indulgence, I'll try to explain how a video game character got into my version of the Black Dragons.

When I play "People" in my head, all of the various universes I know of sort of blend together. There are the Joe & Cobra people, each of whom has access to Stargates that lead to everywhere & almost every when, including galaxies far far way & long ago.

So tangled together is the world inside my head that I went out & bought twenty packages of the Imaginex Goblin Master so that I could have one hundred little blue goblin/gnomes that I made pretend into the Smurfs...

If You've got Smurfs in your world, then most any other character from any other medium can blend in with relative ease...

Besides, Sub Zero's uniform works as a Black Dragon colorwise.

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