Figure: Bomstrike
Weapon: Wave 7 Gung-Ho
Various pouches: BBI

With the success of his first clone/bio-weapon, Scarlet Fever, Dr. Mindbender continued and created the next deadly woman; Purple Haze.

Purple Haze is a clone from the GI Joe team member Bombstrike. The DNA was obtained from a drop of blood that was shed by Blackout during their last encounter.

Purple Haze's unique bio-weapon is a seductive yet deadly pheromone. An intoxicating scent that would turn every man's head within a 20-yard radius. This scent is given off while Purple Haze is calm and happy. But when she gets mad...the pheromone will kill every man within 2 feet of her!

Her favorite weapon is a gas grenade launcher that fires a synthetic version of her pheromone. She is also a fan of any weapons grade gas and carries rounds of just about all of the deadly ones for her gun, including VX and Sarin.

"A sweet smell of lilacs, with a hint of death!"---Purple Haze

"Get upwind or get dead!"---Roadblock

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