Ok, here it is...My the start of my next project:

Figure: Scarlett, Single Pack. With much thanks to RougeTiger!
Gun belt: Um...dunno...random pick from the parts drawer
Rifle: A Maurders Inc modified with Chap mei ammo belt.

Dr. Mindbender, tired of losing battles to highly trained soldiers, searched for their Achilles heel. He found one common thread….Women.

Using captured Joe DNA, Dr. Mindbender was able to create the Femme Fatales project. Stunning women who themselves are Bio-weapons!

His first creation: Scarlett Fever. Cloned from a single strand of Scarlett’s hair, which was captured by the ninja, Storm Shadow came this deadly gal. Not only trained in combat, as her counterpart, she carries a deadly pyrogenic virus that causes a fever that rises so high, so fast, that it bakes the victim's brain in just a few hours. The transmission source? Her kiss.
Her favorite weapon is modified sniper rifle that fires tiny needles that carry the same version of the virus as she does.

"That's one hot kiss I don't want!"---Clutch

"I don't carry a cure for what she has!"---Lifeline

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