Head: Knockoff (w/ built-up mustache)
Torso: Recondo ’84 (heavily modified)
Arms: Spirit ’84 (heavily modified)
Waist: Metal-Head ’90 (w/ belt loops & buckle)
Legs: Sgt. Slaughter ’88 thighs, Beach Head ’86 feet (heavily modified)

Gun: Cobra Officer ‘82
Flare Gun: Taurus ’87 (modified)

Scurvy was an attempt to create a usual-looking sailor, much in the same vein as Shipwreck. I can’t believe no one ever used the head for a sailor before…it’s perfect. The two heaviest modifications were sanding down the Recondo chest and sanding & remolding the Beach Head legs. The Recondo chest & Sgt. Slaughter thighs make him a bit taller than the usual figure. That, coupled with the head, makes him look like a big doofy guy, (imagine if Bazooka joined the Navy or something).

I had a hard time coming up with accessories for this guy. Finally, I went with the Cobra Officer rifle just because it looked Navyish. I had actually cut down the Taurus gun a while ago, and it really seemed to fit as a flare gun.

All and all, I like the end result. He makes a nice companion piece to the ’85 Shipwreck.

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