Head: Cesspool
Torso: Head Hunters
L Arm: Flint v1
R Arm: BAT v1
Crotch: T.A.RG.A.T.
Thighs: Snake Eyes v2
Feet: Snake Eyes v2

File Name: Sullivan, Hardy J.
POB: Elkhart IN.

Growing up in small town Hardy dreamed big dreams, big dreams filled with money and expensive things. It was those dreams that got him hooked up with the Headhunters, and eventually Cobra. Hardy made his way through the rank and file of Cobra, always jumping at a chance to change specialties, and the larger bonuses that come along with a new uniform. Because of his experience in just about all fields of Vipering, Hardy picked up the nick name "The Veteran" and worked as a technical instructor training new vipers.

It was during a training session with a group of rookie Frag Vipers when a Jai-Aali cesta's grenade loader malfunctioned killing its user and costing Hardy his arm and looks. Dr. Mindbender replaced his arm with a B.A.T.'s cybernetic one, offering to make Hardy into one of the first Cyber Vipers. Hardy declined and Cobra decided it didn't want to pay full wages to "incomplete" vipers. Hardy took his skills on the road, making a better living as a mercenary, occasionally even contracting with Cobra. He now partners with a younger fellow former Cobra; together they function as the best operatives of Hunter's Black Cobra faction.

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