Head: Salvo
Torso: Snake Eyes v2
Upper Arms: B.A.T. v1
Lower Arms: Eels v1
Waist: Dial-Tone
Thighs: Dial-Tone
Feet: Downtown
SM Mutt helmet w/ AP visor gold chromed by ChromeTech USA.
Alley Viper back pack w/ Sneak Peak M-16 tip in grapple hole.
Sword cut down to size.

Cross started his military career at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. He graduated in the top 10 of his class and went on to train as a Navy SEAL. He excelled in his training until he was washed out due to a severely broken leg suffered in a training mishap. During his long convalescence Andrew grew extremely discontented with the US military policies and its bureaucracy.

When approached by a Cobra Recruiter leaving the naval hospital, he jumped at the promise Cobra seemed to hold. He sped through Viper training, and opted to go through Eels school. Cross progressed rapidly through all branches of Eel's training and found himself commanding a raid on an offshore gulf coast chemical plant. During the raid there was an explosion, Cross found himself washed up on the shore abandoned by his team and forgotten by Cobra.

Once again Cross found himself recuperating in a hospital questioning everything he had believed in. Here he decided that it would be best for him to work on his own, become a mercenary. Cross made a name for himself, eventually meeting up and partnering with the man known as "The Veteran". This pair now works for the Black faction of Cobra run by the man known as Hunter.

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