Whole figure, pistol and belt: Baroness v.4
Rifle & pistol holster: BBI

Having found success with his first two clones, Scarlett Fever and Purple Haze, Dr Mindbender created his third clone/bio-weapon: Vertigo. He fused DNA from both Scarlett and Cobra's own Baroness to create this lethal lady.

Vertigo's bio-weapon stems from an electromagnetic field generated by her body, not unlike the Electric Eels. Only this wave affects the inner ear on victim, creating a paralyzing effect that causes nausea and vomiting and eventually death. With her special bodysuit she can extend this effect to as much as 10 feet from her.

Even without her bio effect, she is dangerous in her own right. She possesses the Baroness's arrogance with Scarlett's skill to back it up. Her favorite weapon is a sniper rifle that fires a dart that carries a concentrated form of Ipecac, a medicine that causes vomiting.

"I have never been seasick, until I got too close to her!"---Shipwreck

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