Head: Swamp Rat, modded
Torso: Razorclaw
Right Arm: Link
Left upper arm: VvV Alley Viper
Left lower arm: Swamp Rat
Waist: VvV Beachhead
Upper legs: VvV Duke
Lower legs: Neo-Viper

Another really distinctive foreign figure. I mean, solid chrome? You never see that in toys. Well, not ever, but rarely. Anyway, the actual Mortal figure looked like crap. But his card art showed a pretty nice design. So, I tried to match that as best as I could. It wasn't really my intent to go all new sculpt with this figure, but that was where I had the parts that fit the look the best. I'm happy with the final product; I just need to find a place for him in my Joe-Verse.

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