This figure was made from a Comic 3-Pack Cobra Trooper with sculpted straps and assorted non-Joe gear and accessories added on. The head and breathing apparatus are from two different Chap Mei figures.

The second in my series of Cobra Airborne troopers, this figure incorporates similar elements as my Airborne Infantry Trooper, but expands on them. The idea behind this figure is that his specialty is high altitude insertions. His gear has been modified accordingly to include an oxygen supply, heavier face and head protection, an altitude gauge, and a variety of packs. He is also equipped with a working holster on his leg. Instead of leaving the factory gloss of the figure, this figure has been sprayed with matte Testors Dulcote.

In the G.I. Joe universe, this figure would be a rival to Airborne or Ripcord on the Joe team.

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