Head: Night Creeper
Helmet: Scapel
Chest: Depth Charge
Arms: Scapel
Waist: Overkill (modded with Destro gun belt)
Legs: Depth Charge (modded with Sand Viper feet)

As A kid, it was Annihilator's bright colors that made him one of my first picks to do battle with my friends. But now that I'm older, Annihilator looks like a pack of skittles. I had to taste the rainbow on this custom, and keep the original color scheme. I wasn’t able to interchange many of the body parts used, because it was very difficult to find resembling pieces that match the elegance of the original. When I started this custom, I wanted to hollow out the original Annihilator head, but found it was to shallow; the Scapel helmet was an accident, but turned out to be A very good replacement. I want to thank the beav, and everyone else, thanks for looking.

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