All parts except the torso are Crimson Shadow Guard

Torso: WORMS

Some heads are from the Crimson Guard set.

On one hand I liked the look of the Crimson Shadow Guard because black works well for bad guys. On the other hand the figures looked too much like the Crimson Guard in black with big helmets.

To get around both of these problems I searched around in the old parts box until I found some parts that looked elite without looking like the Crimson Guard. After a quick fitting I discovered that the WORMS torso would not only make the figure look elite but the helmet would look smaller and the arms would even fit better.

So a coat of black spray paint and a few details painted on and I had my Shadow Guard instead of Crimson Shadow Guard. To make them a little more diverse I borrowed a few heads from a Crimson Guard set.

Really amazing how changing just one part can make such a difference in a figure.

Ha ha, now people will have a reason to fear the Shadow Guard since I've beefed up their torso.

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