Whole figure: Scarlett v4 (heavy modification)
Skirt, swords, knife, backback (two modified and glued together): Agent Jinx v1
Should harness: BBI

This is my first figure using a dremel for heavy modification.

Cobra Commander, delighted with the success of Dr. Mindbender's Femme Fatale project, increased the budget for the project. The result? The fourth in the line of cloned bio-weapons: Cyanotica

Using already captured DNA from the G.I. Joe member Scarlett, Dr. Mindbender created his most lethal clone yet. In fact several of his staff were killed during her creation. Cyanotica's body uses oxygen at a much lower rate than everyone else's; as a result her body has a blue tint known as cyanosis. Her body has the ability to steal oxygen from the air around her. She is very fond of using her powers as well as her fighting ability that was transferred through the DNA. Just ask Dr. Mindbender's staff!

"She's like a cat with a mouse; she plays with you before she kills you!"---Dr. Mindbender

"She literally takes your breath away!"---Clutch

"My favorite color? The color of your skin right before you pass out!"---Cyanotica

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