Head: Agent Jinx v1
Torso, arms, waist & gun (modified): Baroness v4
Legs & Tac Vest: Gung-Ho v16
Belt: Overkill v2
Pouch on left leg: Crosshair

Expanding his Femme Fatales project, Dr. Mindbender obtained DNA of Jinx, from the ninjas Slice and Dice. The result was this camo patterned killer.

A.W.O.L. has the ability to secrete a pheromone that causes the brain to just not care any more. She is able to control the strength and range of her power as well. She can give off just enough for you to decide to wander off, or enough for your body to decide to stop breathing. Hence her name, A.W.O.L..

In a remote location she has snuck close to enemy forward recon post and gave them just a mild dose. They all decided that it was just silly to be there anymore and walked away from their duties.

Although classified information, here are two security cam pictures from the time she tried to infiltrate NORAD. Several guards were killed during this attempt. In fact it appears that one guard was so out of it, he tried to stop another from shooting her. Luckily the air filtration system removed her pheromone before she could get to anywhere important.

"Her power makes her brazen! Look at her pose on the security cam!"---Gen. Hawk

"Aw, come on sweetie, you don't want to be here anymore, now do you?"---A.W.O.L. (picked up by security monitors in NORAD)

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