All parts except the torso and arms are Crimson Shadow Guard.

Torso and arms: Cobra Commander.

I only had the torso of four WORMS and to be honest I was feeling a bit lazy about search for a few more to make more members of my Shadow Guard. Still the Shadow Guard did seem pretty neat so I didn't want to let the rest of the Crimson Shadow Guard pack go to waste.

After a bit of searching I decided that one of my Cobra Commanders would have to make a sacrifice so I could add an officer to my Shadow Guard. Of course it wasn't much of a sacrifice since Cobra Commander got a Crimson Shadow Guard torso and arms to replace his lost parts and he actually looks better for the switch.

Anyway the Cobra Commander torso had a little too much silver for my taste so a bit of black paint helped tone the torso down a bit to fit better with the Shadow Guard look.

Included the second picture so you could see how the Shadow Guard Officer looks leading a group of the Shadow Guard.

Some how I think the six pack would have sold quicker if they used my ideas for getting away from the Crimson Guard look.

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