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Head: Duke (modified)
Body: Chief Torpedo
Helmet: Burn Out
Webbing: Dusty v8
Belt: Burn Out
Rifle: Black Out
Cap: Gung-Ho v11
Head set: BBI
Antenna: Frostbite v4 ski pole

Drop-Vipers* are the extremely highly trained, special operations vanguard for Cobra's assaults, whether for a lightning commando raid or an airborne/airmobile assault. DV's are the first into a potential combat zone and may be Para-dropped, rappelled-in, or inserted via air-launched or maritime landing craft. Highly self-sufficient and operating in small teams, upon insertion they "prepare the battlefield." This could include anything from clearing the drop-zone/landing-zone, conducting deep reconnaissance or assembling forward headquarters. This NCO or Officer is the mission Troop Commander. Carrying a compact, semiautomatic sniper rifles allows him to be sufficiently armed, while having a scope for observation and tactical planning purposes.

* Deep Reconnaissance Operations Pathfinders

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