This figure was made with parts from a number of diverse figures. The head is Spy Troops Zartan, with a Valor vs. Venom Jinx blindfold. The torso also comes from Spy Troops Zartan, but is modified with parts from Chap Mei figures. The arms come from Spy Troops Grunt, again with modifications this time hand carved and sculpted. The waist is a Valor vs. Venom Night Creeper piece, with Chap Mei parts added. The legs come from the same Night Creeper.

Referencing the vintage Night Creeper Leader, this custom takes advantage of parts I had available. Elements of the figure were inspired by my earlier Sei-Tin custom, in which I experimented with attaching non-Joe elements to the Joe armature. Aleph incorporates what I learned on that project and goes a step further; with more detail and a more muscular, dynamic sculpt.

I've always enjoyed the darker, edgier possibilities the Night Creepers represent, and wanted to make a leader that would compliment the menace of his new sculpt minions. I liked the comics' introduction of the name Aleph, and applied it to the figure. I was not specifically trying to recreate the comic appearance of the character, but rather, a more elaborate ceremonial garb he might wear within the Night Creeper temple.

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