Head, Arms, Torso: Bombstrike
Waist, Arms; Legs: Baroness
Trench Coat: Endor Han Solo

This started as a thank you for a client of my day job, and who I now call a friend of mine, after I made it I started thinking how neat it looked, thought up a character history.

Jessica or Agent 7 as she is known to G.I. Joe is part of highly trained CG sleeper cell, stationed in the heart of the American Midwest.

She and other CG sleeper, affect change in local politics commerce, Industry, the PTA and the like by day through seeming normal "daily activity" and are just as comfortable to infiltrate and sabotage those same channels with high ordinance, causing mass hysteria under the cover of night... or that is what Cobra thinks...in reality Agent 7 is a Deep Cover Operative that was first approached in high school years, by a friend of the family, having a good solid understanding of right and wrong young Jessica contacted G.I. Joe and underwent special training to allow her to serve her country and thus her new career was born.

"The years of deep cover and isolation have not been easy on her but
like her teammates she gives her all." Staff Sergeant Conrad "Duke" Hauser.

"Winston Churchill once let an English town get bombed by the Germans in World War Two to not tip his hand and let the Nazi's know their codes were broken...I am one of the few people in the world that know this pain." Agent 7

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