Head: Stalker v3
Torso: JvC Ripper
Arms: SpyTroops Grunt
Waist: Shockwave v2?
Upper Legs: SpyTroops Grunt
Lower Legs: JvC Flint

Despite the sub par execution GI Joe Extreme had some good concepts and designs. So I've been making the Extreme characters in the 1/18th scale.


File Name: Diesel, Omar K.
Primary MOS: Demolitions
Secondary MOS: EOD

Omar Diesel (changed from Roberts at start of football career) prided himself on his peak physical condition for much of his life. Quarterback of his high school football team and recruited for NFL before graduation. Played professionally for 3 years as a linebacker but got caught up in a gambling scandal and was let go. In a downward spiral, joined Army at suggestion of parents in hopes that structure would help him regain control of his life. Excelled, and soon recruited by Special Counter-Terrorism Unit Delta to serve as team's demolitions expert.

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