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Head: Scalpel
Torso: VvV Beachhead
Arms: VvV Zartan
Waist: VvV Alpine
Upper legs: JvC Firefly
Lower legs: VvV Duke

Despite the sub par execution G.I. Joe Extreme had some good concepts and designs. So I've been making the Extreme characters in the 1/18th scale.


File Name: Salvatti, Albert
Primary MOS: Sniper
Secondary MOS: Small Arms Armorer

Albert Salvatti was born the son of a NYPD cop. Not interested in police work, Albert instead joined the Marines and graduated successfully from sniper school. Did a stint in Iraq during Desert Storm, left the Corps soon after. Spent the latter part of the '90s as a CIA advisor in hotspots around the world until his transfer to Special Counter Terrorism Unit Delta where he has served with distinction since.

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