VvV Scarlett head w/Baroness hair
VvV Baroness chest & waist
VvV Alley Viper legs
JvC Scarlett arms

Jynx Staff
Alley Viper gun
Random knife

Another EoW based figure. Special Thanks to Matrix Dragon for allowing me to make her.

Real Name: Lancer, Reiko A.
PMF: Hand-to-Hand Combat
SMF: Psychological Warfare
Birthplace: Unknown

Reiko Lancer grew up as your typical 'army brat', being taken from base-to-base depending on where her mother, Sarah Lancer, was stationed, never having or keeping friends for very long, she spent most of her time watching and training with her father, David Stocker, and other soldiers in hand-to-hand combat and Karate, earning a third degree black belt by age 14. Despite the lack of a 'real' childhood, she still grew to be an intelligent, caring young woman, and after High school she went to college to become a psychologist. However, around her first-year midterms she disappeared from her dormitory. Both of her Parents took leave to search for her, but they, along with the police, came up with no leads. Nearly a year later she re-surfaced along with Moirae 'Eris' Styx's mercenary brigade, now taking the name of Apparition. As Apparition, Reiko is almost the complete polar opposite of her former self. She is cold, cruel, and outwardly bitter towards her parents and the US Army in general. Acting as Eris's right hand woman and bodyguard, she is a qualified expert in bladed and silent weapons, primarily armed with a Bladed Staff she refers to as Nagitana

"While some army brats tend to resent their parents for the lack of a true childhood, constantly on the move, unable to keep any real friends, however not many try to topple the government because of it. While Reiko Lancer was a kind, 'empathic' young woman, Apparition is cold, calculating, manipulative, utterly ruthless, and by all appearances loyal to Eris to a fault. Not just her mentality has changed, comparing with photos and medical files she has grown nearly a foot, and her strength has apparently increased as well. All leads point not only to severe brainwashing, but possible genetic modification as well. Its hard enough fighting a 'modified' opponent, but when that opponent is related to a squad member, its makes it almost impossible.

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