Swamp Rat head, chest, and upper legs
Spy Troops Airborne arms
Sand Viper waist
Sgt. Hacker lower legs

Swamp Rat knifes, rifle, helmet, and poncho

Another figure based on characters from Echoes of War. In the RPG he was an Acroyear agent sent to Cybertron to assist the Decepticons. Special Thanks to Agent Ravage for his help in the construction.

Swamp Rat trooper
Real name: Unknown
PMF: Tracker
SMF: Hunter

Inadvertently spliced with Vampire Bat DNA along with the other rodent DNA when being turned into a Swamp Rat, Vampizer distinguished himself early on as an unpredictable and violent foe. The additional DNA gave him superior olfactory senses, as well as enhanced hearing, making him an extraordinary tracker, however the bats eating habits where also infused into him, giving him a literal bloodlust. Rumors have sewn fear amongst the ranks of Cobra soldiers and the other Swamp Rats, and as such he was transferred into 'the Pack', Cobra's special-forces squad composed of venomized soldiers.

*Yeah I remember 'Gate walkers' too.... But that's likely classified so it wouldn't be outright referred to in a bio left out in the open like this.

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