Head: Monkeywrench '86
Ponytail: Jinx
Torso: Law '87
Arms: Snake Eyes '89
Waist: Road Pig '88
Legs: Raptor '87
Feet: Zartan '84

Dart Gun: Darklon

Parts ID Help: pluv, HypnoHustler, Wraith 2.0

In my Joe-Verse, The Grendels are a subset of The Outsiders, only called up as 'Last Resort Problem Solvers.'

It's rumored that he was once an under-cover drug enforcement officer working inside a Midwest motorcycle 'club.' He went rogue (and earned the nickname Hack) after killing every member of the club with an unidentified sharp object after witnessing a horrific gang-rape. It was during the police chase, which was broadcast on television, that Hack was elected to put his driving (and evasion) skills to use for The Grendels.

RIP: Milwaukee Dreadnoks

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