Head: 21st Century WW2 Marine
Torso: Dusty v3
Arms: Gung-Ho v3
Waist: Cobra Trooper
Upper Legs: ?
Lower Legs: Mercer v2

Honestly, you could say that G.I. Joe Extreme is the reason I got into the Sgt. Savage line. I had no idea that the Extreme Savage was the same guy (it just didn't seem like something Hasbro would have done, dunno why) but when I found out I gained a lot of interest for both Extreme and Savage. Since Savage's storyline linked directly to that of ARAH (cartoon wise anyway) here was a way for me to bring Extreme into the same continuity. Something about the comic fan in me appreciates that G.I. Joe is basically all interconnected from the first one in '64 till now, with even wildly different scales and designs all part of the same story.

Sgt. Savage
File Name: Savage, Robert S
Primary MOS: Infantry
Secondary MOS: Heavy Weapons

A hard charger from the so-called "greatest generation" Robert Savage joined up in the waning days of 1942, ready to fight the good fight. A survivor of Omaha Beach and an infantry commander renowned for his skill, Savage was listed KIA after a German science facility he and his squad attacked exploded. In 1995 a documentary crew doing a special on the "super-science" of the Third Reich stumbled upon the cryogenically preserved body of Savage. After being restored, and acclimated to the changes time had brought, Savage was remanded to the custody of the G.I. Joe team for observation. Within a year however, Savage left the team, his "Screaming Eagles" in tow, and now operates as second-in-command of Special Counter-Terrorism Unit Delta.

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