Head : CLAWS Commander
Chest : Cobra Commander
Cape : Cobra Commander
Arms : Wild Weasel
Waist : CLAWS
Thighs : CLAWS
Boots : Cobra Commander

It was the professionalism that I was trying to capture in this custom, as well as the discipline it takes to be dressed up in class A's all day. The Crimson Guard is definitely ranked up in the top 10 as far as favorite Cobra characters. They gotta be! Without the Crimson Guard, Cobra would be on a Dreadnok level: no money, with no investments in a struggle for power. It was the Crimson Guard that confirmed all allegations that, yes, Cobra is indeed a threat!
Thank you for looking.

Possible update: I just love the Cobra Commander chest piece; it goes perfect with a Crimson Guard. But as far as the head I'm probably going to give him some kind of Fred head-look-alike and a removable helmet. The CLAWS Commanderís head looks good, but it's just a little small.

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