Head: Comic Pack Roadblock, one of my favourite Joe sculpts, period.

Body: Major Barrage

Waist: Original Salvo, epoxy putty pouches

Gun: Roadblock 50. Cal, modified with some parts from Heavy Duty's minigun and a bullet train from an Elite Operations helicopter.

Marvin Hinton was stationed in Vietnam during the waning years of the war. He stayed in the infantry, despite often being offered higher and safer positions, because many of his fellow soldiers saw him as almost a parental figure, very gentle and wise. He preferred heavy caliber weapons over single-shot rifles, because he felt that a spray of bullets was much more humane than one shot, which can be miss and cause great pain for an enemy. Often he carried around a 50-cal. machine gun, often considered an unsafe feat, and used that regularly in combat. He disliked snipers for their cocky attitudes and the dearth of compassion often seen in such an exact art.

When most of the troops were being evaced from Vietnam, Marvin opted to stay behind. He felt the need to protect allied villages and cities until the bitter end, refusing to let the poorly trained native army defend against the frightening Viet Cong. When stationed nearly alone on guard duty on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, the Viet Cong amassed a large and uncharacteristically organized army to storm the hospital and destroy it. Though it contained wounded villagers, the Cong thought it was a secret base for remnant American forces. As the army advanced down the road, Marvin sent the panicking native army inside, asking them only to leave their bullets and weapons at his post. They also brought him an extremely large machine gun from a helicopter, as per his request.

At first, Marvin fired at the approaching force with the 50-cal. he carried around, and managed to hold them off for a half an hour. He then somehow managed to lift and carry around the helicopter minigun, and cut the army down the middle. For three hours, he fired at them continuously, as the healthier villagers brought him all of the bullets within a five-mile radius. The minigun overheated repeatedly, severely burning his arms and hands, but he continued to fire as the barrels turned white. The Viet Cong soldiers who were left retreated, having lost 5/6ths of their fighting force. They had no place to hide from the fire, because Marvin managed to clear about a football field's worth of forest over that three hours. He was taken home in the very helicopter that he had disarmed, amongst a massive pile of flowers and gifts that the villagers gave him for saving their lives with an almost angelic action.

Years later, when the first call for a covert group known as GI Joe was issued, Marvin did not answer. He was content with his life, teaching kids in a nearby school Home Ec. and caring for his sick mother. She passed away a few years after that, and Marvin returned to the State.

Considered one of the senior members of GI Joe, Marvin, now called Roadblock because of the moniker given to him by admiring soldiers, is often considered one of the most personable members of the team. This is ironic, because he is also the largest and most intimidating, physically. His best friend on the team is Tunnel Rat, and they form somewhat of an Abbot and Costello routine. When not in the heat of combat, Roadblock is a talented food critic, often ghost-writing reviews for the New York Times when on leave.

This custom was inspired by Gunslingercbr's excellent Roadblock, which was truly an innovative and awesome custom.

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