Head: Snake Eyes '05
Biceps: Quick Kick '86
Forearms: Ripcord '84
Chest: Roadblock '84 (modified with collar from Snake Eyes '97)
Waist: Snake Eyes '83
Thighs: Snake Eyes '97
Feet: Snake Eyes '97
Uzi- ?

I've had this one in the works for a while. I started this with an '84 Roadblock torso, and when I tried to dye it, it warped horribly (although it was already cracked pretty bad before I dyed it). It lead me to use the already blue BJ's Roadblock torso. I wanted to use larger parts, ala Roadblock torso and Quick Kick arms, to represent the way Snake Eyes looked in the early Marvel run (around issue 17). I'm really pleased with the outcome of this figure.

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