Head: Snake Eyes 82
Arms: Zap 97
Chest: Zap 97
Waist: Hawk 83
Thighs: Snake Eyes 82
Feet: Snake Eyes 82
Night vision: Remco
Backpack: Snake Eyes 97
Gun: Flash 82 w/ Lowlight 91 scope
Knife: Remco modified with Chap Mei handle
Sheath: Remco

I did this along with chad ghost and sidewinder for a project when we went to Zed-Con II in August of 2004. We thought it would be neat to do our own exclusives for it based on the early 90's Hasbro Dino Hunters Playset. I chose to duplicate the color scheme of dino hunter Lowlight. Since chad gave Ghost a sniper rifle, I gave Mayor a large "spotter" scope onto his laser rifle. We also created a dino hunting vehicle from the Battle Wagon.

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