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Random Pistol
J n R custom Sniper Rifle

Another EoW inspired Figure. In the RPG Ave Destron was a Decepticon Sniper who was at constant odds with my Decepticon hero Darkstalker. Special Thanks to Ave Destron (the player) for his help in construction.

Mafia Hit man
Real Name: Destronelli, Avete
PMF: Marksman
SMF: Espionage
Birthplace: Sicily, Italy

One of the heirs to the Destronelli crime family, Avete was moved from Sicily to Brooklyn New York while he was very young. Over the years as his fathers organization grew, he learned tricks of the trade from his father's employees.
Began making his 'mark' on the world of Organized crime when he was 18 and has left a trail of bodies behind him ever since. Is wanted in connection with multiple homicides in 33 countries, as well as has 'contracts' out on him from varying criminal elements. While his loyalty is to the Destronelli Syndicate, he has been known to take independent Contracts from time-to-time. Trained Expert in Warsaw Pact Firearms, as well as received paramilitary training.

"The Majority of Mafia heirs act the same as any spoiled rich kid... dividing their time between spending 'daddies' money while re-affirming to everyone else their innate superiority. Ave left the 'silver spoon' lifestyle behind him when he was 18. Only 48 murders have been forensically connected to him worldwide, though his suspected body-count is in the triple-digit range. He prefers sniping his victims from the anonymity of a rooftop, but isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.... His previous run-in with the G.I. Joe team confirms this, when he attempted to assassinate Argonaut commander Icarus Styx (aka Skybolt) on the behest of a yet Unidentified 3rd party... an attempt Thwarted by Special operative Darkstalker. His interference has prompted Ave to place the former CiA operative in his bingo-book... promising to make him suffer for his interference. "

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