Head: Storm Shadow v1
Torso: Big Boa
Legs: Backstop '87
Belt: Corps
Energy sword: Star Wars
Energy shield: VvV wrist wommunicator & neon acrylic
Cloak: T-Shirt

Parts ID Help: Wraith 2.0

In my Joe-Verse, the Grendels are a subset of The Outsiders. The Grendels are called up as 'Last Resort Problem Solvers."

Grendel: Prime is a captured/modified B.A.T. used by the Grendels as personal security detail, 'look out, and back up plan.

It is normally stationed at the entry/exit point of mission, standing guard, utilizing its internal radar, heat sensors, and listening devices. It is programmed to dispatch silently, but if the mission goes sour, it is also wired with enough explosive to cover the extraction of the mission operatives.

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