Entire Figure (except right arm) - Storm Shadow v1
Right arm - Nunchuk/Bushido
Scarf ties: Scrap rubber
Spear: MOBAT axle & styrene

Parts ID Help - Jin

In my Joe-Verse, the Grendels are a subset of The Outsiders. The Grendels are called up as 'Last Resort Problem Solvers."

Hunter Rose is the original Grendel. He is a world-class martial artist and genius. He is also a certifiable sociopath. After running afoul of (and nearly decimating) The Outsiders, he was given the opportunity to have his criminal past suppressed if he agreed to become the secret 'Wetworks' arm of the team. He agreed, not for the criminal pardon, but for the additional adventure. He utilizes his connections and wealth amassed as a criminal to gather, outfit and lead The Grendels.

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